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Personalized, Digital Game-Based Learning =

Extraordinary Motivation to Inspire Monumental Achievements

Stride™ is an award-winning, cross-platform adaptive learning solution for PreK - High School that quickly accelerates learning with engaging curriculum engineered to match the depth and rigor of higher learning standards.

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How Does Stride Academy Fit Into Your Education Program?

How Can Stride & DGBL Work for You?

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What goals are you chasing this year in your classroom or academic program? Whether your students need supplemental online practice, tutoring help after school, intensive daily intervention, or a serious boost in motivation, the Stride learning system has a perfect prescription for your success. Highly customizable to support a variety of educational models for PreK - High School, Stride is a breeze to implement and a joy to experience.

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Blended Learning

A healthy dose of independent online learning, blended with focused F2F instructional time.

F.A.S.T. 360™ Foundational Adaptive Skill-Building Technology brings students up to speed swiftly via self-driven, personalized learning paths. Meanwhile, real-time performance data and insights enlighten teacher-led group instruction.

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Continuous Assessment

Not Just Data, Motivated Data.

Diagnose student weaknesses from the first days of school, wasting no time in prioritizing foundational skill building and remediation. Regularly check mastery throughout the year with our automated Quiz Builder, GAP Assessments or Progress Monitoring Assessments. Document growth and plan lessons using steady feedback and real-time data reporting.

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Gaming To Learn

The #1 Gaming Choice for Students since 2001.

Individualized Intervention

F.A.S.T. 360™ Adaptive Technology

More efficient than any other adaptive product in the industry, F.A.S.T. 360™ Adaptive Technology goes immediately to the core root of the issue for a student and fine-tunes intervention precisely at the skill level – not the overriding strand. Targeted video lessons, printable lessons and technology-enhanced skills practice rapidly bring struggling students to grade level.

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Adaptive Common Core Learning Software

PreK-HS Adaptive Curriculum

Our intuitive STRIDE™ Adaptive Technology diagnoses individual students’ strengths and skill gaps on common core & state standards, then automatically scaffolds curriculum up or down to accelerate or remediate the student accordingly. Fully automated learning allows educators to amplify their coverage to more students, and pinpoint learners who need individualized help or remediation.


More Accessible

We reach to teach more students than any product thanks to our 100% tablet compatibility for all computer learning games and learning content, an exclusive in the motivational learning space. Stride Academy features voiceover support for our questions and rationales, which extends use to ESL, early readers and special needs children. Stride Academy is fully compatible with iPad, as well as Windows, Mac & Linux computers running modern browsers.


Motivated Learning

How do you motivate disengaged students to give their best effort academically? In this digital age, the answer most definitely involves three key elements: technology, games, and social appeal. In other words, today’s students are empowered to achieve academically when learning takes place using educational software that rewards success with entertainment, and connects them to their peers as they compete in an exciting virtual world.


Academic Outcomes Team

What outcomes do you desire for your school or organization this year? This is the very first question we ask when you partner with us. Whether you need to extend the learning day, make AYP, improve reading scores, or integrate more multimedia learning tools in your classroom – your very specific goals drive every step and response from our Academic Outcomes Team as we strategize with you to achieve results with our educational software for kids.


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Get a free consultation on how Stride Academy can work for you or request documentation today!