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Blended Learning

Blend focused, face-to-face (F2F) instructional time with technology-based, independent learning in the computer lab or a classroom technology station. With Stride™, the combination of individualized online practice and informed, dynamic teacher-led instruction lends to an inclusive learning environment in the classroom -- one in which all who are participating feel able to actively engage and benefit!


Leverage technology to let students directly influence their own personalized learning experience:
Video lessons created by certified teachers target student skill deficits.

F.A.S.T. 360™ Adaptive Technology driven by student response data assists in bringing students up to speed individually, so they can better benefit from large group instruction. Read more

Adaptive Technology scaffolds down to foundational skills remediation where necessary,
then gradually works back up to grade level.

F2F, Teacher-Led Instruction

Meanwhile, dynamic teacher-led instruction is enabled by the continuous data from Stride™ real-time reports and teacher dashboards. Easily diagnose problem areas for the class as a whole to assist in planning lessons, monitor class progress frequently, and group students appropriately for small-group interventions. Make every moment in the classroom count.

Large and small group instructional decisions can be well-informed using actionable data from Stride™ reports.

Stride™ offers a student-centered blended learning space, featuring:

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