New Features on the Teacher Dashboard!

Check out the NEW Stride Academy Teacher Dashboard!

Stride Academy 2

While the work of a teacher is more complex as focus shifts from the class to the individual student, our New Teacher Dashboard has some exciting updates to continuously track student performance and incorporate personalized learning in the classroom.

This real-time dashboard allows you to quickly access needs and prescribe appropriate curriculum for your students. Here are a few highlights of these new features:

Class Performance

Easily view your students’ progress, above or below grade level, by looking at these bar graphs. Click on any section to drill down to student data.

*Don’t miss important notifications for your class posted at the top of your Teacher Dashboard.

Oct 2014 - Teacher Dashboard 1 - Edit

Students At-A-Glance: Adaptive Engine event indicators reveal problem points at a glance. Students are organized into three convenient groups – Students Potentially at Risk, Students on Pace and Students Thriving. Clicking on an individual student name links to individual student results.

Clicking on the View link for any student who is potentially at risk will lead you to a more detailed explanation of the issue.

Oct 2014 - Teacher Dashboard VIEW EDIT

Academic Badges: Academic badges are awarded when a student has, (a) answered at least 80% of the available questions in a skill category, and (b) scored at least 70% correct for all of their answers in the skill. This includes a student’s correct answer on the second attempt at a question.

Click View All Student Academic Badges to see a complete list by student.

Oct 2014 - Teacher Dashboard 3

Individual Student Performance by Subject

Clicking on any student’s name will lead you to the Individual Student Performance view revealing at-a-glance information for general performance by each subject.

Print this screen (or Save in PDF format). Use this real-time report of the student’s skill performance to plan differentiated instruction, targeted skills practice, and monitor progress on specific standards over time.

Oct 2014 - Sample Student Performance 1 - Edits

Student performance is organized by curriculum and broken down into standards to identify areas of need. Quickly assign available educational resources aligned to skills.

Oct 2014 - Sample Student Performance 2 - Edits

Oct 2014 - Sample Student Performance 3 - edits
Graphs show performance by both grade level difficulty and subject. Mouse over the graph to see percentages.

Red signifies less than 50% correct answers. Yellow signifies 50-70% correct answers. Green signifies 71-100% correct answers.

Oct 2014 - Sample Student Performance 4 - edits

Don’t Miss the New Teacher Dashboard Webinar!

Mark your calendars to join us Wednesday, Oct. 22 at 3:30pm CST for our New Teacher Dashboard Webinar hosted by Tamra Barron, LTS Director of Training. To register, click here and complete the form. You don’t want to miss out on learning about these new updates!

World Teachers’ Day

Today is World Teachers’ Day!

“Invest in the future, invest in teachers!”


Photo credit: Wikipedia

Everyone has had at least one teacher who has made a huge impact on their lives. Whether it’s the Kindergarten teacher who taught you your colors or the Senior English teacher who introduced you to Shakespeare, these amazing people have left a mark on our lives we can never forget.

World Teachers’ Day, founded in 1994 by the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), is designed to celebrate teachers worldwide. It aims to mobilize support for teachers and ensure that the needs of future generations will continue to be met by teachers. UNESCO states that “quality education offers hope and the promise of a better standard of living.”

This year’s slogan, Invest in the future, invest in teachers, aims to provide quality education for all. According to UNESCO, there is a shortage of professional, well-trained, and well-supported teachers to achieve better quality education worldwide. Not all teachers have equal resources and training that help them support the diverse needs of their students. UNESCO reports that today the world faces a learning crisis, with 250 million children not acquiring basic skills of reading and writing. Teachers worldwide work with the resources they have to provide the best possible education for their students, but oftentimes the resources afforded to them are not adequate. UNESCO’s goal with World Teachers’ Day is to address the barriers to better education and teachers’ role in developing globally-minded citizens. This goal hits close to home for everyone at LTS Education Systems. Through the Stride Academy program, we strive to provide engaging curriculum, assessment, instruction and learning games to address critical learning standards, helping teachers to become more efficient in focusing on the areas where students are struggling most.

LTS and Stride Academy would like to recognize all of our hard working teachers and administrators for dedicating their lives to the future of our youth! Your perseverance will be treasured by your students for years to come!

For more information about World Teachers’ Day please visit UNESCO’s website or here to find out what celebrations are happening around the world!

#StrideCoinMasters Photo Contest

Introducing the #StrideCoinMasters Photo Contest!

Stride Coin - 1000

Starting Monday, September 29th, Stride Academy is hosting the #StrideCoinMasters Photo Contest! Post weekly photos of your top 3 coin earners from your classroom on one of the following social media sites: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Google+. Follow us, and use the hashtag #StrideCoinMasters for your chance to win!

At the end of two weeks, we will choose a winner and the top 3 students in the class will receive a Stride Academy Gym Bag! Winners will be chosen based on top scores and photo creativity. This is a great way to encourage students to participate in Stride Academy!

Submissions are due by 5pm CST on Friday, October 10th. Winners will be announced on Monday, October 13th. They will be featured on all LTS social media platforms and in our monthly newsletter! Feel free to post multiple pictures of the week’s top coin earners!

Here’s How to Enter:

  • Must be following us on the medium in which you are posting.
  • Must tag us and use #StrideCoinMasters.
  • Photos must be of top 3 students; the more creativity the greater the chance to win!
  • Must include top 3 scores of the week in the post.
  • Prizes will go to the 3 students in the chosen photo.
  • All submissions are due by 5:00pm CST on Friday, October 10.

We can’t wait to see how your #StrideCoinMasters have excelled! Don’t forget to follow us on all social media sites to see what others are posting as well!

TEI Webinar FAQ

“Continuing Education” Technology-Enhanced Items Webinar was a HUGE success!

Thank you to everyone who participated in the New Technology-Enhanced Item Types webinar last week!

In case you missed it, this Technology-Enhanced Items Tutorial will catch you up! The following are some FAQs from the webinar:

1.  What are Technology-Enhanced Items (TEI)?

Computer-delivered items that require students to carry out specialized interactions in order to solve a problem or answer a question. TEI allow the Stride Academy system to collect valuable student response data.

2.  Why have we added Technology-Enhanced Items to Stride Academy?

To prepare students for PARCC, Smarter Balanced, ACT Aspire and other technology-based assessments which test national or state standards using these same question formats . Using TEI in Stride Academy allows students to have practice with these types of problems before taking state assessments, so the specialized interactions become second nature. With TEI, students are required to demonstrate deeper understanding in more ways than the traditional multiple choice questions, and TEI allows for constructive responses.

3.  In what grades are Technology-Enhanced Items available?

Grades 3 through High School.

4.  In what subjects are Technology-Enhanced Items available?

Currently, Mathematics and Reading.

5.  How do Technology-Enhanced Items align with state standards / Common Core?

TEI are written to skills that unpack the individual state and national standards.

6.  What types of Technology-Enhanced Items will be seen in Stride Academy?

  • Drag and Drop, available in Mathematics and Reading
  • Drop Down Menu, available in Mathematics
  • Highlighting, available in Reading
  • Ordering, available in Mathematics and Reading
  • Written Response, available in Mathematics
  • Plotting Points, available in Mathematics
  • Evidence-Base Selected Response (Part A / Part B), available in Mathematics
  • Multiple Selected Response, available in Mathematics and Reading.  

7.  Are Stride Academy standard features available on Technology-Enhanced Items?

Yes. TEI are also supported by targeted PDF lessons, video lessons, the calculator, dictionary and scratch pad.

8.  Will rationales still be available on Technology-Enhanced Items?

Yes. If a student does not fully answer the question or if a student answers a question incorrectly on a first attempt, a rationale (educational explanation for the incorrect or incomplete answer) will appear. For TEI, rationales will be more general to a particular skill since there are many ways that a student can answer the question.

9.  What is next for Technology-Enhanced Items?

Weekly throughout 2014-15, the LTS development team will release additional new TEI for each grade level in Mathematics and Reading. We will continue to examine any new changes to TEI in PARCC, Smarter Balanced, ACT Aspire and other technology-based assessments being utilized by school districts across the country. LTS will ensure that we are meeting the needs of our customers to help with preparing for these assessments and developing students’ deeper understanding of rigorous skills and standards.

For more information, check out our new video on YouTube!

Thanks for joining us and be sure to keep an eye out for more informative webinars to keep you up to date with what is going on with Stride Academy!

Continuing Education Webinars

Stride Continuing Education Webinars Presents:

NEW Technology-Enhanced Item Types!

Join us on Thursday, September 18th at 8:30am CST and 3:30pm CST!

Introducing Technology-Enhanced Items to Prepare Students for More Rigorous Online Assessments!

Are your students struggling in learning the required content for an upcoming technology-based assessment? Join us on September 18th at 8:30am CST or 3:30pm CST to learn how these upcoming releases can help your students succeed! Seats are filling up fast, so don’t miss out!

Stride Academy’s goal for this new release is for students in Grade 3 through High School to gain a deeper understanding of important content in Math and Reading through specialized interactions.

These new item types will give students the practice they need to prepare for the ACT Aspire, PARCC, Smarter Balanced and other technology-based assessments.

Our curriculum development team will be adding new Technology-Enhanced Questions to Stride Academy weekly throughout Fall/Winter 2014. Don’t miss your chance to understand how to assist your students with these new formats, should they have any questions!

Here are a few of the new Technology-Enhanced Item Types you can expect to preview in our webinar:

1. Multiple Selected Response – Student can select more than one correct answer or image.

Screen Shot 2014-09-09 at 3.15.39 PM

2. Math Drag and Drop – Student can drag images or text to match correct answers.

Screen Shot 2014-09-09 at 3.16.46 PM

3. Reading Drag and Drop – Student may be asked to drag information from one column to the next to match pairs, more images or information into the correct sequence, or locate evidence for a response and drag it into place.

Screen Shot 2014-09-09 at 3.17.43 PM

These are only a small sample of the new functionalities you will become familiar with through the webinar. To reserve your seat, please complete this form at the link below:

Click here to select your webinar date/time>>

Help Migrant Students Succeed with Stride Academy

Welcome Migrant Students






 Help them Succeed with Stride Academy.                                                                     Immediate, Affordable and Personalized Support for Migrant Students.

This year, 50,000 migrant students will enter U.S. schools facing major challenges. The Stride Academy online adaptive learning platform can help:

  • Overcome language challenges: Spanish and Simplified English translations of our Math and Reading curriculum (aligned to your state standards) support English Language Learners.
  • Immediately assess learning abilities: Take away the guesswork by quickly identifying what migrant students already know, and exactly where they need to begin remediating and growing skills in each subject area.
  • Build self-confidence in an unfamiliar environment: Continuous positive feedback and game-based rewards such as badges provide reinforcement and motivation.

Spanish and Simplified English Translations of Math and Reading Curriculum                    (PreK-Grade 8)

Our Spanish translations allow migrant students who speak little to no English the opportunity to begin immediately working on Math and Reading curriculum. Behind the scenes, their skill abilities are assessed and helpful data reports are instantly generated to inform teachers of their strengths and weaknesses.

See Questions in English


“See Question in English”: Clicking this button in the top right corner allows English Language Learners to quickly toggle between the Spanish translation and English.



English Language Learners have the burden of learning English at the same time that they are expected to learn subject matter content. ELLs can gradually work their way from using the Spanish translations toward using our Simplified English translations, which replace seemingly complex English terms with words that are likely to be familiar to ELLs. This allows them to more easily grasp the concepts being taught:

Simplified English







Ease of navigation even for technology novices.

While technology may be new to many migrant students, Stride Academy is easy to navigate using only a mouse, or by touch on a trackpad, to click through content and select answers. Bold graphics and illustrations assist ELLs in navigating the program and understanding the content.

Stride Continuing Education Webinars

Stride Continuing Education Webinars Start Back August 14! Join us for “New Tools for Back to School.”

Dive Right In to Stride this Fall, with Exciting New Features!

Start off the school year right! Join us any Thursday morning from Aug. 14-Sept. 11 at 8:30 a.m. CST, to learn what YOU can accomplish in your classroom this year using Stride Academy teacher tools!
Here are a few new features you can expect to preview in our “New Tools for Back to School” webinar:
1. NEW STUDENT ARCHIVE TOOL: Allows you to quickly import students who were enrolled in Stride last year, into your class for this year! Setting up your class in Stride has never been easier.
2. NEW STUDENT GROWTH REPORT: Generate this valuable new report whenever you want to explore student growth from one period to another (week to week, or month to month — you set the date range!)
3. NEW ACADEMIC BADGES: An added incentive for students to work hard and practice in Stride! Academic badges are awarded for mastery on every skill in Math, Reading and Science.

To reserve your seat at an upcoming webinar, please complete the form at the link below:
Click to select your webinar date/time >>


Monitor Student Progress Continuously and Effortlessly with Stride Academy

Research shows that when teachers use student progress monitoring, their instructional decision-making improves, teaching becomes more effective, students become more aware of their own performance – and they learn more!

What if as a teacher, you could monitor your students’ progress in Math, Reading and Science week by week? Stride Academy offers a Student Growth Report to do just that. Generate a Student Growth Report in real-time, anytime, to explore the growth of your students on grade-level work from one date range to another (you set the dates!).

Stride Growth Report Sample

Student Growth Report statistics are the perfect data for parent meetings or one-on-one evaluations with your students. Motivate students to continue learning by keeping them informed on the growth they’ve already achieved!

Coming Soon for Fall 2014: New Dashboards

Take progress monitoring one step further with real-time teacher dashboards. Powerful and practical data continuously tracks how students are performing, day by day. Stride Academy will recommend actions, so you can quickly assign solutions to individual students.

 2014 New Dashboard

One Point of Access for Math, Reading and Science: PreK – High School
Stride Academy supports students in PreK – High School with online, adaptive Math, Reading and Science curriculum aligned to Common Core State Standards or your state’s adopted standards. The program is cloud-based for seamless implementation and accessible anytime (during and after school hours) on tablet, PC and Mac with automatic updates.

Thirty Minutes a Week of Self-Learning: An Rx for Success
Thirty minutes of self-learning in Stride Academy, 3x a week, relieves teachers from the complex work of differentiating for every student and enables the teacher to better focus group instructional time. This recommended prescription for success is also proven to help students improve achievement and test scores!



Stride Academy for PARCC Assessment Practice

As we all know, beginning this coming school year, the Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College & Career (PARCC) assessments will replace some states’ Achievement and End of Course math and ELA assessments.

It’s not too early to plan how you will prepare – and Stride Academy can help!

* * * * * * * * * *

Here are 5 Ways Stride Academy Aligns with PARCC Assessment: 


1.    Practice curriculum aligned to the Common Core State Standards. 

This means that from Day 1 of the school year, your students are able to practice the exact standards and skills that will be assessed on the PARCC math and ELA tests – anytime, during school and after school, on any device.

2.    Data reporting, assessment and custom quiz building also aligned to CCSS!

Meanwhile, teachers and staff can access real-time data reporting, assessment and custom quiz building tools to see at any time how students are performing on these specific standards and skills. Focus your classroom instruction on prevalent skill gaps using the data from Stride Academy. The closer you get to PARCC testing dates, you can create “test run” practice assessments to get your students used to working efficiently on a timed test.

Areas of weakness

tech enhanced

3.    A variety of interactive, technology-enhanced item types to help students prepare for the different types of questions they will see on the PARCC tests.
We know that PARCC will include multiple choice, but also interactive technology questions that require students to drag and drop items, type an answer where no choices are given, or select from many options.

Stride Academy offers 10 innovative item types that require specialized interactions to assist students in demonstrating a deeper understanding of content, just as they will be required to do on the PARCC tests.

4.    Authentic texts and content-rich reading passages.
The PARCC passage selection guidelines state: “The texts students encounter on tests should be worthy of careful attention, be content rich and challenging, and exhibit professional published quality.”

Stride Academy’s literary pieces are from enduring authors such as William Shakespeare, Louisa May Alcott and Mark Twain. Our informational texts cover a variety of genres and topics from social studies, science and technology. All of our reading passages are measured for text complexity using validated readability methods to ensure vocabulary and word count are appropriate for each grade level. Just as it will be on the PARCC ELA/literacy assessments, our passages are reinforced by multiple choice and selected-response questions that will require students to provide evidence to support their answers.

5.     End of Course content for high school assessment.

As PARCC will also replace many states’ EOC tests in math and ELA for high school, Stride Academy provides high school students excellent practice in Algebra I & II, Geometry, and English I, II & III, aligned to your state’s standards. As of June 2014, Stride Academy also added U.S. History and Biology high school content to support the end of course tests in those subject areas that will not be covered by PARCC.

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The Rise of the Self-Learner

If you attended the International Center for Leadership in Education (ICLE)’s 2014 Model Schools Conference June 22-25 in Orlando, you may have had the privilege of hearing Raymond J. McNulty speak about “The Rise of the Self-Learner.” Mr. McNulty is Chairman of the Board for the National Dropout Prevention Network, Senior Fellow at ICLE, and Advisor to LTS Education Systems.

McNulty urges teachers to give up some of the time they spend teaching to allow students to be self-learners, using technology. Why?  Because students learn at very different paces.

As educators, you know all too well that time and standards drive learning. Each year, the specific knowledge and skills that a student must learn by the end of the year is predetermined for them.

Time and Standards Drive Learning

  • “On Pace” Students will master this content in the given number of days for the school year.
  • Accelerated Students will master this content well before their peers, and become bored in class.
  • However, a significant number of Struggling Students will not have enough time in the school year to get where they need to be. They’ve carried with them skill gaps from the previous grade level(s).

From Raymond J. McNulty’s presentation: “The New Normal in Education: Creating the Schools We Need” 

How Does Stride Academy Support “Self-Learning”?
Stride Academy’s Adaptive Technology does quickly what it would take an educator so much longer to do. The program automatically identifies what skills a student is missing, then delivers appropriate curriculum to remediate and build strong core knowledge for struggling learners.  For students who are ready to move on to more challenging coursework, the program automatically accelerates.

Suggested Implementation
Thirty minutes of self-learning in Stride Academy, 3x a week, relieves the teacher from the complex work of differentiating for every student and enables the teacher to better focus group instructional time.

Student Stride Report

From this example of a Stride Academy Adaptive Learning Report, you can see the exact path Jenny Smith has navigated — scaffolding down to foundational skill practice before she can begin to scaffold back up to grade-level skills.