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Preparing for Smarter Balanced & PARCC Assessments

LTS Education is closely monitoring the progress of both the Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium (Smarter Balanced) and the Partnership for Assessment of Readiness of College & Careers Consortium (PARCC).

As we learn more about question types and rigor for both consortia, LTS Education will continue to transform our content to fully align to the Smarter Balanced and PARCC exams. Our content and development team is working daily to create new material aligned to the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) and integrate a variety of item formats that these technology-based assessments will deliver.

Our new content will include more complex literary and inferential passages with evidence-based selected response questions requiring close reading, more conceptual and multi-step mathematics problems, as well as new item types such as drag-and-drop and gridded response formats. We are committed to building other question formats as the CCSS consortia release them for public review.

By closely mirroring the PARCC & Smarter Balanced exams in both content and delivery, LTS web-based curriculum and assessments can provide valid preparation and learning experiences so that students will be prepared for either the PARCC or Smarter Balanced assessments, and for the increased rigor that the Common Core standards require.

LTS Education’s value for students and teachers

Rigorous expectations… more complex texts… higher order thinking skills….deeper, more critical understanding… these are the kind of descriptors we consistently hear about the Common Core State Standards.

While teachers and students are certainly feeling the pressure to rise to these ambitious expectations, LTS Education offers confidence and support as you refocus for the shift to Common Core State Standards and the new assessments.

Allow our Common Core resources to help you ease the transition. Equipped with a self-paced, self-directed adaptive learning program like Stride Academy, every student can be successful in mastering Common Core standards — even those who are several grade levels behind on foundational skills. Best of all, they’ll have fun and stay motivated while receiving differentiated instruction and skills practice.

LTS Education offers an array of Common Core resources for teachers who are making the instructional transition in their classrooms, while anticipating the PARCC and Smarter Balanced assessments.

Our Common Core-aligned Tools for Teachers include:

  • Common Core-aligned Math and ELA online skills practice automatically differentiated for individual learners by our Stride adaptive engine.
  • Math and ELA video lessons created by experienced teachers to address clear learning targets and foundational knowledge outlined by the Common Core. Lessons integrate engaging tasks and activities, thought-provoking and realistic problems and scenarios.
  • Common Core-aligned Math and ELA printable study guide pages appropriate for individual student practice or as classroom lesson plans.
  • Online formative assessments (four per academic year in Math and ELA) to assist in building strong standards outlined by the Common Core and monitoring progress on CCSS skills from one assessment to the next.
  • Online diagnostic assessments (pre- and post-tests in Math and ELA) to identify mastery or non-mastery of specific CCSS skills at grade level and help teachers know which students to group together for optimal instructional impact.
  • A custom online quiz builder, allowing teachers to select from our entire database of Common Core standards in Math & ELA to reinforce weekly lesson plans and unit plans, or create interim assessments.
  • Real-time data reports with detail on specific Common Core standards to inform instructional decisions for individual students and the classroom as a whole. 

At any given time, teachers and administrators can know exactly where their students are performing on CCSS.

Every one of us is in a learning mode.

We recognize that everyone participating in the shift to the Common Core State Standards is in a learning mode.  LTS will remain alert and nimble to ensure that we maintain our fidelity to this bold move in American education.