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StrideXchange is Here!

StrideXchange has recently been released to all of our current customers!  We are so excited to share this feature with you that will allow you to share content directly with your students and interact with them in a whole new way in Stride.

What is StrideXchange?

StrideXchange is a new way to curate valuable instructional resources created by yourself and other educators in your school or district.  StrideXchange allows you to share resources between teachers and deliver them to students directly via the Stride online learning system.

How do I use StrideXchange?

StrideXchange is fully integrated with your existing Stride account.  To get started, gather up your best instructional resources (PDFs, videos, images, and more), then visit the “StrideXchange” tab within your Stride teacher, admin, or district login.


What can I share with my students?

Using StrideXchange, you can share PDFs, videos, images, and other files, like Word, Excel, or PowerPoint documents.  These files will be sent directly to your students’ StrideXchange inboxes for immediate view.  You can also view stats on when your students viewed the content.


You can also create Custom Learning Modules (CLM) for your students.  CLMs allow you to create custom questions for your students to answer or custom slide shows that your students can view on their Stride account.


You can access a StrideXchange instructional guide within the Customer Support Gallery.  Please reach out to our support team at 866-552-9192 Ext. 2 or support@ltsed.com if you have any questions.