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Not Just More “School After School”

The Boys & Girls Clubs of the Wisconsin Rapids have been using Stride Academy to make their kids’ days a LOT more fun. When students arrive at the Clubs after school, the last thing they want is more SCHOOL! ¬†Instead, they can look forward to Stride Academy games, which effectively disguise learning!

We love this testimonial from Executive Director Robert Wefel:

“The beauty of [the program] is that it’s fun with learning. It’s not more ‘school after school.’ They’re taking principles and concepts that we can reinforce at the end of a school day without it looking like learning.”
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The local news featured Boys & Girls Club members playing Stride Academy on their new iPads and talked about the value of Stride Academy to the staff and teachers:

“We can pre-program Stride for each individual student’s needs, so that the things they do in Stride will all be directed at math, or fractions or reading comprehension… And so you can see how they progress in their learning cycles,” said Wefel.

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