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Endless Possibilities for the New School Year

As a child, one of my favorite things was to go with my mom to purchase new school supplies for the school year.  Nothing made me happier than a brand new binder with new divider tabs and evenly distributed sheets of paper.

I remember how much thought I put into what color divider tab to give each subject.  Those who know me well will be shocked to know there was a system to how I did it! My favorite color went to my favorite subject, and it continued in descending order.

But I digress… to me, that new binder with blank pages meant the possibilities of the new school year were endless! What would fill those pages over the next 9 months?!  While clipping coupons this weekend, I saw an advertisement for school supplies:

“BOGO 5-Subject Notebooks!” 

I cannot lie — I felt that excitement of fresh possibilities all over again. It made me think of The School Supply List and how it has changed over the years.  I would never have imagined that we would be living in a time where BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) was becoming the next phase of education for our students.

I recently saw a report where 85% of educational institutions surveyed (K-Higher Ed) already allow some form of BYOD, and these devices are not just for personal use; they are permitted in order to integrate with classroom learning experiences!  WOW! With a handheld device and the advancement in technology, the world is at our student’s fingertips more than ever before.

At LTS, we recognize the changing landscape not only of schools’ choice of education delivery, but also the way students’ lives at home and on the go have changed.  That is why when we created Stride Academy. We merged the educational experience we value so deeply with the busy mobile nature of all of our lives to bring you a fully tablet-compatible learning platform. In doing so, we also made sure you can access the program on a traditional PC in case you just aren’t ready to adopt BYOD yet.

Not only can students keep learning no matter where they are, but with the adoption of BYOD happening at a rapid rate in schools across the country, we stand ready to deliver the most motivational learning platform in the industry to your students’ fingertips.  Literally.  The days of the bell ringing and students’ learning ending until the next day has radically shifted as we empower them to continue learning no matter where they go.

Talk about endless possibilities!


Kathy Posey,
VP of Support Services
LTS Education Systems