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5 New Stride Games to Kickstart Summer

Congratulations to all students and teachers on the close of another great school year. It’s Summertime!  Please enjoy 5 brand-new Arcade game selections, available today (and all summer long!) when you login to Stride.

Star Burst

Solve math problems and aim your Starfish at the correct answer to score as many points as you can before time runs out!  Available for Grades K-5.

Star Burst

Flappy Challenge

Navigate the Flappy Fly safely through a maze of hurdles — but take care, or she’ll go “splat!” Available for all grades.

Flappy Challenge


Test your timing and reaction skills with this fast-paced, arcade-style game. Available for all grades.



This “survival” game requires you to use your sense of direction and timing to act fast and “stay alive” as you dodge projectiles coming at you from every direction! Available for all grades.



Be quick! Challenge your reaction skills to make it all the way through the fast-moving korridor obstacle course. Available for all grades. 


Be sure your students are aware of these new game selections before school lets out for the summer!  If you need help, please feel free to reach out to Customer Support at or call toll-free at 866.552.9192, ext. 2.

Dragon Dash

Imagine if you could soar through the air and successfully avoid obstacles, all while collecting jewels to add to your treasure. You can do just that on Stride Academy’s NEW GAME, Dragon Dash! Head over to the Stride Academy demo and be one of the first to play this thrilling new game!

Dragon Dash


Not Just More “School After School”

The Boys & Girls Clubs of the Wisconsin Rapids have been using Stride Academy to make their kids’ days a LOT more fun. When students arrive at the Clubs after school, the last thing they want is more SCHOOL!  Instead, they can look forward to Stride Academy games, which effectively disguise learning!

We love this testimonial from Executive Director Robert Wefel:

“The beauty of [the program] is that it’s fun with learning. It’s not more ‘school after school.’ They’re taking principles and concepts that we can reinforce at the end of a school day without it looking like learning.”
Screen shot 2014-01-20 at 11.36.47 AM
The local news featured Boys & Girls Club members playing Stride Academy on their new iPads and talked about the value of Stride Academy to the staff and teachers:

“We can pre-program Stride for each individual student’s needs, so that the things they do in Stride will all be directed at math, or fractions or reading comprehension… And so you can see how they progress in their learning cycles,” said Wefel.

Have a local news story to share with the Stride Academy team? Contact Amy Frith, Marketing Director, at

How Do Video Games Reward the Brain?

"Save the Ducks" and "Breakout" are two brand-new Stride Academy games released this week!

“Save the Ducks” and “Breakout” are two brand-new Stride Academy games.

Experts on digital culture believe that game playing and the reward structures of video games improve players’ confidence and make them more willing to take on difficult tasks in the virtual world.


For students, this means educational video games can motivate them to work hard, and engage in more and more challenging academic tasks, in pursuit of reward and reinforcement.

Edugaming programs like Stride Academy reward the brain in several ways:

Measurement & Awareness.
Throughout the program, a student’s experience is measured in multiple ways, in multiple data points. The student is always aware of the coins in his coin bank, the Star Points he has accrued over time, and the badges he has secured in each of the different video games.

This means the student is constantly aware of his forward movement and progress — and this builds confidence and motivation for him to keep mastering skills to access the games!

Sample English III passage

Sample English III passage

Multiple Achievable Goals.
Throughout the edugaming program, there are multiple long and short term goals for the student. He first needs to finish reading a literary passage to reach the related skill assessment questions. He needs to answer the first question correctly to earn a coin. He needs to answer more questions correctly to earn enough coins to play a game. He needs to play one game turn in order to earn Star Points and a badge (if he can!) He needs to repeat this process to climb the high score rankings in his class and the grade-level leaderboards. Multiple, achievable goals build ambition and momentum to learn.


BrightStrides Grade 2 Reading Ques w Rationale

Explanations for wrong answers help you try again.

Help & Feedback.
There is no punishment for trying. If a student doesn’t succeed on the first attempt at a question, problem or game, they get more chances — and they receive help. They are willing to try again and to meet the challenge of increasingly difficult academic tasks because they know that help and explanation are readily available. 



Brightstrides point leaders

Leaderboards add a social connection.

Social Connections.
Finally, the program provides the emotional reward of a social connection with peers. Students enjoy doing things with their peers — they enjoy sharing experiences with them and competing with peers. Stride Academy video games give them a break from learning to have this social connection, and we believe the fun of this connection can easily carry on outside of the classroom environment.

Constant Reinforcement.
Stride Academy video games constantly reward a student’s accomplishments through coins, points and badges — creating an ever-present awareness of their personal progress and MOTIVATION to do more!! Meanwhile, teachers can monitor their academic progress on critical skill sets in Math, Reading and Science. That’s how Stride Academy games reward the brain!

This month, we’ve added two new games to our growing, unrivaled collection. We have many more planned for Winter 2014. Be sure to check them out!

Word Search!

Are you a super sleuth at Word Search puzzles? We’ve added Word Search (featuring grade-level EDL word lists) to our growing collection of Stride Academy games!

Screen shot 2013-07-23 at 9.19.48 AM

Test out Word Search on our demo.