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Brilliant Elementary School

The students at Brilliant Elementary School in Brilliant, Alabama, are all Monumental Achievers!!  Over the past year, their 173 Stride-using students answered 434,478 questions.  That’s an average of approximately 2,511 questions per student!

Brilliant Elem 2015

Brilliant Elementary’s principal, Mr. McCauley, is extremely supportive of his teachers and staff and makes sure they have the tools they need to succeed.  In fact, he planned a training weeks before the school’s in-service date to ensure his staff was well prepared.  He also makes sure all classes have scheduled time for Stride each week.  This kind of dedication from Principal McCauley and all of the teachers and staff at Brilliant is what allows Brilliant Elementary to be a #MonumentalAchiever!

How do you get your teachers and students excited about Stride?  Do you use contests to drive results? Do you incentivize classes with more computer lab time, pizza parties, or other rewards?  We want to hear from you!

Email Morgen Jensen at with your ideas and success stories from your school!

Red Carpet Showcase at Hutchens Elementary in Mobile, AL


Hutchens Elementary School in Mobile County, AL, recently celebrated their students’ Stride Academy success with a “Pop Platinum” Red Carpet Showcase and Talent Show. Hutchens Elementary has been recognized as one of the top five schools across the state of Alabama for highest usage with Stride Academy. The students were challenged to become a part of the Million Star Points Club by their principal, Mrs. Kathy Gallop. Over 60 students earned 1,193,435,427 points to become Millionaire Members. The top three Millionaire Star Points leaders in each grade level received an iPad Mini.

024     043

The Millionaire Winners are:

1st Place: Josie J.
2nd Place: Cooper F.
3rd Place: Madison S.

1st Grade:
1st Place: Jason F.
2nd Place: Allen N.
3rd Place: Sebastien M.

2nd Grade:
1st Place: Hari Atmakuri
2nd Place: Steven B. 
3rd Place: Landon L.

The entire school was in attendance for this outstanding event, along with Mr. Jim Chesnutt, Legislative Coordinator for CLAS, and Joann Lindsey, CLAS Academic Specialist, as the students walked the red carpet, received medals and were honored. Teachers opened the talent show with a 90’s theme while students performed dance routines, singing performances, and musical and magical acts for the audience. We are proud of the students from Hutchens Elementary School and their accomplishments!




Academic Badges Inspire Student Achievement

Oscar Adams Elementary School in Gadsden, AL, motivates students and prepares for the ACT Aspire with a unique contest driven by academic badges earned in Stride Academy.

Contests are an easy way to get students enthusiastic about Stride Academy Oscar Adams Elementary School in Gadsden, AL, added their own flare to Stride contests by creating a “Show Your Badges” contest focused on academic badges. Stride academic badges are earned when a student answers 80% of the available questions in a skill category with 70% accuracy. Educators at Oscar Adams Elementary created this contest during the third nine weeks’ grading period to reward students who were mastering skills, encourage students to try their best, and help eliminate guessing at answers in Stride Academy. Each week, the K-5 student who earned the most academic badges during the week was presented with a certificate, a coupon for a free icecream, and recognition during the morning announcements.

At the end of ten weeks, the student who earned the most academic badges overall during the contest period would claim the Grand Prize. In the end, three students tied for the Grand Prize with 39 academic badges each. Each Grand Prize winner received a certificate, coupons for free popcorn or icecream, recognition during the morning announcements, and lunch with a staff member or friend of their choice.  The winners were photographed and honored on the school’s bulletin board and website.

Congratulations to the Grand Prize winners RaNyiah D. in Ms. Brooks’ 3rd grade class, Carlos S. in Ms. Johnson’s 2nd grade class, and Krystiana F. in Ms. Newton’s 2nd grade class!

Oscar Adams Elementary

We would also like to congratulate the weekly winners at Oscar Adams Elementary:

Week 1: Jason L., Mr. Mason’s 2nd grade class

Week 2: Ashley F., Ms. Newton’s 2nd grade class

Week 3: Ariyuna M., Mr. Mason’s 2nd grade class and Hennessy P., Ms. Cooley’s 3rd grade class

Week 4: Kennedy F., Ms. Bone’s 4th grade class and Je’Brelon J., Ms. Baker’s 1st grade class

Week 5: Antaniyah L., Ms. Johnson’s 2nd grade class

Week 6: EmMaya F., Ms. Carlton’s 5th grade class

Week 7: Krystiana F., Ms. Newton’s 2nd grade class

Week 8: Joshua O., Mr. Mason’s 2nd grade class

Week 9: Bradley G., Ms. Bone’s 4th grade class

Week 10: Madison B., Ms. Baker’s 1st grade class

In conjunction with the “Show Your Badges” contest, teachers at Oscar Adams Elementary have used Stride Academy to help prepare for the ACT Aspire end of year assessment. Students involved in their afterschool program, EDGE, have been logging on to Stride Academy for extra test preparation. Beth Webster, Title I Resource Teacher, shared, “[Stride Academy] is a great resource for test prep!”  Since Stride Academy has 24/7 access, teachers have encouraged students to login from home for extra practice.

Thank you to the educators at Oscar Adams Elementary School for finding new and creative ways to encourage student use in Stride Academy! We are proud of your achievements this year!

If you would like your school featured on our blog, please email Cate Powell to share how you are using Stride Academy!

Teacher’s Daily Routine Includes Stride Academy

Mrs. Samantha Matthews at Hokes Bluff Elementary School in Gadsden AL, shares how she incorporates Stride Academy into her daily teaching routine.

Class with Stride Signs

As you think about your daily routine, what are some of the regular things you check off your list? Wake up. Check. Brush your teeth. Check. Take a shower. Check. Eat Breakfast. Check. Drive to work. Check. Make a lesson plan. Check. Login to Stride Academy? For Mrs. Samantha Matthews, 4th grade teacher at Hokes Bluff Elementary in Gadsden, AL, Stride Academy has become an integral part of her everyday teaching checklist.

I adore Stride Academy! It has been perfect for me and exceptionally useful in my classroom. It has made my year more successful and easier [for me] to teach.” – Mrs. Samantha Matthews, 4th Grade Teacher

…………..   20150410_100143   20150410_100127

Mrs. Matthews began using Stride Academy in her classroom to accompany her daily teaching of Alabama College- and Career-Ready standards, but it has been exceptionally beneficial over the last few weeks as she prepares her students for the ACT Aspire.

Throughout the school year, Mrs. Matthews has utilized the features within Stride Academy to help 20150410_100732reinforce the skills and standards her students need to learn. The new Video Library, available on the Teacher dashboard in Stride Academy, has been a great addition to her teaching routine. Prior to class, Mrs. Matthews selects a video from the Video Library that aligns with the standards she will cover that day. Using the Smart Board in her classroom, Mrs. Matthews lets the Stride Academy video introduce the lesson. After the video lesson, she takes over and teaches the curriculum to her students. Next, with the Stride Academy Quiz Builder, Mrs. Matthews creates two quizzes for her class aligned to the lesson. The first quiz is a group activity composed of five or six items that she works through on the Smart Board with the class as a whole. Once they have tackled each item together, her class goes to the computer lab to work on the second quiz individually. The second quiz is longer, with 20 to 25 questions that test students’ knowledge of the material covered in class. After students complete the quiz, they are allowed to work on their own in Stride Academy… and that means time for a little FUN with some game-based rewards and competitions!

The Quiz Builder is an excellent tool because it allows Mrs. Matthews to instantly view students’ results. For students who perform at 80% or below on the quiz, she spends some one-on-one time with them, reviewing questions they missed. If multiple students miss similar questions, she will go over the quiz results in a group and then retest the students with a cloned quiz. (Stride Academy’s cloning feature allows you to generate an exact replica of your quiz and assign it again to students.) Mrs. Matthews averages the scores of the two quizzes for a valid score. This gives students another opportunity to work hard to improve both their scores and their skills!


Principal Charles Gardner, finalist for Alabama’s National Distinguished Principal Award, loves Stride Academy!

Because of Mrs. Matthews’ success and creativity in using Stride Academy in the classroom, she has been asked to lead a training for other teachers within her school on how they can incorporate Stride Academy as a teaching and assessment tool. Charles Gardner, Principal at Hokes Bluff Elementary, encourages his faculty to incorporate Stride Academy as much as possible throughout the day since the data from Stride Academy is consistently used to drive instruction.

Thank you, Mrs. Samantha Matthews, for sharing how you are integrating Stride Academy into your daily teaching routine! We are always thrilled to hear of new ways that Stride Academy is being used. If you have a fresh idea on how you are using Stride Academy at your school, we want to know! Please email Cate Powell to set up an interview.

Benignus Elementary is Bananas for Stride Academy

Benignus Logo

 Brrrrrr-ing on the Winter Frenzy at Benignus Elementary!

Nothing beats the winter fun of a good old-fashioned snowball fight!  Benignus Elementary in Spring, TX (Klein ISD knows this to be true. That’s why for their “Winter Frenzy” school-wide Stride Academy contest, the Top 100 students got to toss some snow on February 20!

Students were a bit confused at first, since there was no snow on the ground. However, Benignus staff used chilled, felt balls for “snowballs.” According to Holly Mason, Assistant Principal at Benignus Elementary, “The kids loved it! It was so much fun!”

groupA[1]      groupB

    ………… actionA[1]      actionB[1]

Learning Fun All Year Long

Benignus has been extremely creative with their school-wide Stride Academy contests this year. In November, they held a “Turkey Trot” contest, with the top primary and secondary class winners each receiving spirit sticks and winning a spotlight on the school-wide video announcements.

Over winter break, Benignus students competed in the “Snowflake Showdown.” This time, the winning class got to host the school-wide video announcements from their classroom, and topped off their victory with a popcorn party.

We look forward to finding out what contests they will run this spring! Thank you for sharing these great contest ideas!

Weekly Incentives Motivate Students


Weekly incentives are also very successful at Benignus Elementary. On the “Stride Wall” pictured here, the Reading Specialist highlights the top class from each grade level for the week (based on Stride Academy Reading performance).

beningus pic stitch “Stride Academy is hands-down the most user friendly program I have ever encountered.  The designers seem to have taken the time to see every possible challenge or question encountered by teachers.  They have created a program that fits seamlessly into our curriculum and classrooms.  Students learn while having fun, and teachers can administer prescriptive lessons or glean priceless data.” - Dede Dietzman, 1st grade Teacher, Benignus Elementary

Getting Ready for STAAR Testing

What are your strategies for using Stride Academy to help prepare for the STAAR tests this year?

Holly Mason, M.Ed., Assistant Principal at Benignus Elementary, reports:

“As testing has gotten closer, teachers are writing TEKS-aligned quizzes and assessments. Based on in-class formative and summative assessments, teachers are also assigning specific skills in Stride Academy to spiral back to and assist with TEKS/skill mastery.”

We Welcome Your School’s Contributions.

The everyday strides that your students and teachers are making in the classroom are the very reason Stride Academy exists! Your ideas and achievements help us build a better program. Let us feature you in our next blog post. Email Cate Powell at to set up an interview.


Pushing to Greater Heights at Woodson K-8 in Houston, TX

Students at the Woodson K-8 21st Century after-school program are staying late nights and “banking on” all of their hard work in Stride Academy to help them push to greater heights to meet STAAR standards this year, says Barbara Shelby-Roberts, Program Specialist.  Woodson 6

“We Love Our Badges and Collect Our Coins” 

This is the motto of the young scholars at Woodson. While some Stride Academy students are all about the Star Points and point leader contests, Woodson scholars are focused on earning academic badges and mostly… collecting the coins!

Teachers say the kids are constantly talking among each other about how many coins they have, who has the most, and challenging each other to earn more. “They actually look at collecting coins like they are collecting actual money,” says Mrs. Brothers, a third grade teacher, “So when they can earn more, that is the highlight of their day!” What a great way to insert teachable moments about working hard to earn rewards, saving for something you really like, and making choices on how to spend your earnings!

Top Coin Earner:  Emanuel Champs

Top Coin Earner:
Emanuel Champs

Top Coin Earner:  Tyler Groggs

Top Coin Earner:
Tyler Groggs

Top Coin Earners:  Taylor Smith & JaDaria Groggs

Top Coin Earners:
Taylor Smith & JaDaria Groggs

Tyler Groggs, a third grader, is one of the after-school program’s top coin earners. She now has 700 coins saved!  Tyler told us in an interview, “What I love about Stride Academy is the math part because it really challenges your brain!”  Keep up the good work, Tyler!

1:1 Tutorial Leads to Increase in Skills Performance Woodson 5

Barbara Shelby-Roberts, Program Specialist, reports that benchmark tests and weekly tests created by the Woodson teachers show an increase in skills performance since students began using Stride Academy.

“This particular program offers our students a 1:1 tutorial that is effectively helping them to achieve at much higher levels than before, even for our Kindergarten students. Stride scaledown and up where a particular student needs to focus, and that is making all the difference for them.” – Ms. Shelby-Roberts

Ms. Campbell, a Kindergarten teacher, says her students are seeing their high-frequency words in the Stride Academy reading passages. “This is excellent practice and reinforcement for them. They appreciate being able to listen to the passages being read aloud to them, as well, and this is assisting them in growing in their reading abilities.”

Dinner Will Have to Wait

Woodson 1Woodson students are known to make their parents wait when they come to pick them up (as late as 7 pm!), so they can finish what they are doing in Stride Academy.

“Many of these students do not have access to computers at home. The excitement and rush of using Stride Academy in our computer lab has made ‘computer enrichment’ the most popular tutorial piece in our after-school program,” says Ms. Shelby-Roberts.

Some of the incentives that Woodson teachers and staff are putting into place to further motivate students are: 1,000 coins at the end of the year earns you a seat at the end-of-year pizza party. They will also be organizing a Stride Parade where students who have exceeded their goals in the program will be able to showcase their achievements.

As you can see, we cannot say enough about Woodson K-8 scholars! These students are a great group who deserve to be recognized and commended for their hard work!

Many, many thanks to the wonderful staff at Woodson K-8 (pictured below) for welcoming LTS Education Systems to your school, and allowing us the privilege of getting to know your students! 

Woodson Staff

Citrus County School District in Florida Invests in Technology to Benefit Teaching and Learning

photo © 2012 Brad Flickinger | more info

LTS is proud to partner with the Citrus County School District of Central Florida through technology investments in Stride Academy helping prepare students for college and career readiness. Stride Academy assists to personalize learning through a powerful combination of adaptive technology, customized educational resources, and game-based incentives.

With a recent increase in high-speed wireless internet and iPad usage across the district, many educators are seeing how technology is transforming learning inside and outside of the classroom. Learn more about how Citrus County is using technology to engage students in and mark achievements here.


Stride Academy Fall Writing Contest WINNER!

Thank you to all the teachers who entered their students in the “What Does Thanksgiving Mean to You” writing contest. Students shared how they were thankful for everything from friends and family to football and food.

Excellent entries came in from all over the country from second graders to eighth graders. In the end, Cassidy A.‘s entry, from Mrs. Brewer’s 3rd grade class at White Plains Elementary School, stood out among the rest. Read her entry below to see why.


Congratulations, Cassidy, on winning a $100 gift card from Papa John’s Pizza for your class! We will be contacting your teacher to deliver your class’ prize!


Stride Academy Spotlight: Thompson Elementary, Houston, TX

Testimonial of a Stride Principal

Mr. Cleo Wadley, Principal of Thompson Elementary School : Houston, TX

kids with comp

Stride Academy is the best interactive learning program we’ve used with our students, hands down. The software is directly aligned with the state TEKS, effectively ties into our curriculum, and compiles easy-to-read reports that detail our students’ strengths and skill deficiencies. The system generates tailored study guides for various concepts that our students have not yet mastered. These study guides provide students with additional practice materials based on their specific learning level without a teacher having to put together different packets and various assignments in order to differentiate amongst the students. The software does it all!

We love how the program automatically adjusts the curriculum up or down based on the student’s individual needs and performance. This discreet scaffolding allows our learners to be successful because they’re answering questions based solely on their comprehension level. We really appreciate that the system works in real-time and allows us to make adjustments to our students’ curriculum paths, create quizzes, and modify other options at our discretion from any computer.

This program is easy to use and keeps our students engaged and motivated by earning coins for correct answers, which can be redeemed for the built-in gaming. They enjoy the bold graphics, exciting games, and the ability to compete against classmates during friendly gaming competitions. In addition, the software can be adjusted to present the questions in various languages, which can be extremely helpful while working with our large number of English Language Learners.

Best of all, Stride Academy allows students to use the software from home with their personal access codes. Our students enjoy the program so much that they willingly use it after school and even on the weekends. Since incorporating Stride Academy as a learning tool in our classrooms, our students have shown marked improvement in a variety of content areas. Our many success stories include a student, who struggled with specific skills and scored poorly on a school assessment as a result.  After using Stride Academy for only about 3 weeks, the same student was reassessed and scored almost 50 points higher on the same skill set.  As a school, we absolutely love this program!

One of our students who is in Tier III interventions has a behavior modification plan and has difficulty complying with rules and expectations. As an individual intervention, one of my third grade teachers uses Stride Academy to keep him engaged as well as scaffold his learning up or down as needed. With Stride Academy, he can pre-select certain concepts that he needs the student to experience. Moreover, the video lessons and printable lessons supplement the teacher’s face-to-face time with him. It has been a great tool for Thompson Elementary.”

We would like to thank Mr. Wadley for sharing how Stride Academy has impacted his school.  We love hearing from our Stride Academy educators and parents! Do you have a Stride Academy story to share from your school or organization? Contact Cate Powell at

World Teachers’ Day

Today is World Teachers’ Day!

“Invest in the future, invest in teachers!”


Photo credit: Wikipedia

Everyone has had at least one teacher who has made a huge impact on their lives. Whether it’s the Kindergarten teacher who taught you your colors or the Senior English teacher who introduced you to Shakespeare, these amazing people have left a mark on our lives we can never forget.

World Teachers’ Day, founded in 1994 by the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), is designed to celebrate teachers worldwide. It aims to mobilize support for teachers and ensure that the needs of future generations will continue to be met by teachers. UNESCO states that “quality education offers hope and the promise of a better standard of living.”

This year’s slogan, Invest in the future, invest in teachers, aims to provide quality education for all. According to UNESCO, there is a shortage of professional, well-trained, and well-supported teachers to achieve better quality education worldwide. Not all teachers have equal resources and training that help them support the diverse needs of their students. UNESCO reports that today the world faces a learning crisis, with 250 million children not acquiring basic skills of reading and writing. Teachers worldwide work with the resources they have to provide the best possible education for their students, but oftentimes the resources afforded to them are not adequate. UNESCO’s goal with World Teachers’ Day is to address the barriers to better education and teachers’ role in developing globally-minded citizens. This goal hits close to home for everyone at LTS Education Systems. Through the Stride Academy program, we strive to provide engaging curriculum, assessment, instruction and learning games to address critical learning standards, helping teachers to become more efficient in focusing on the areas where students are struggling most.

LTS and Stride Academy would like to recognize all of our hard working teachers and administrators for dedicating their lives to the future of our youth! Your perseverance will be treasured by your students for years to come!

For more information about World Teachers’ Day please visit UNESCO’s website or here to find out what celebrations are happening around the world!