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Stride Dream Board Contest Results

Thank you to all contest participants!

Last month, as students entered spring testing to check their progress toward college and career readiness, Stride™ launched a contest asking students to put their college and career dreams into pictures. Our “College and Career Ready Dream Board Contest” drew participation from across the country—and selecting one school winner was especially difficult in light of the many creative and inspirational entries we received!

Congratulations, Alex Haley Academy in Chicago!


Our winner has been selected from the Chicago Public School District, where Alex Haley Academy had 53 students participate from grades 5-8! Principal Sherry Pirtle coordinated the school’s entry and reported: “I really enjoyed reading all of the boards.The students and teachers enjoyed and learned a great deal from the process.This was truly a great project to engage in prior to Spring Break.”

Principal Pirtle also shared: “The day we posed for our Dream Board group photos, our Mayor [Rahm Emanuel] announced Learn, Plan, Succeed which is a new initiative that requires high school students to have a post-secondary plan, and this activity was a great jumpstart for our students.”

Alex Haley Academy has demonstrated exceptional usage of the Stride online learning program this school year, with 561 students having answered more than 1.1 million questions as of April 2017! They currently rank as the No. 10 school in the country for highest usage of Stride. Thank you, Principal Pirtle and teachers, for leading your school in Stride as well as in this project!
















We’d like to recognize the following Alex Haley Academy students for their participation:

  1. Simba Bryant 8th grade
  2. Charles Johnson 8th grade
  3. Tahria Holley 8th grade
  4. Ranisha Gray 8th grade
  5. Caschay Tate 8th grade
  6. Bianca Tuckenberry 8th grade
  7. Jala Shaw 8th grade
  8. Jalen Shaw 8th grade
  9. Destiny Wagner 8th grade
  10. Asia Smith 8th grade
  11. Chaniya Jemison 8th grade
  12. Zakiya Kellum 8th grade
  13. Kenzaris Polk 8th grade
  14. Steven Brooks 8th grade
  15. Laila Hudson 8th grade
  16. Breonna Hill 8th grade
  17. Micah Gilmore 8th grade
  18. Yugi Hoskin 8th grade
  19. Jamie McCoy 8th grade
  20. Marshay Richardson 8th grade
  21. Khayale Britten 8th grade
  22. Marlene Triplett 8th grade
  23. Mykila Harris 8th grade
  24. Anton Byers 8th grade
  25. Raheem Potts 8th grade
  26. Seneca O’Connor 8th grade
  27. Aalijah Fulton 7th grade
  28. Taylor Shields 7th grade
  29. Kausoundra Clemon 7th grade
  30. Martianna High 6th grade
  31. Sarah Hogan 6th grade
  32. Jaylen Waites 6th grade
  33. Lakefe Woolridge 6th grade
  34. Damia Baker 6th grade
  35. Jailen Randolph 6th grade
  36. Azariyah Pickens 6th grade
  37. Lorie Pennington 6th grade
  38. Makiya Robinson 6th grade
  39. Kaliah Ellis 6th grade
  40. Amber Harris 6th grade
  41. Antonio McDonald 6th grade
  42. Breanna McCrary 6th grade
  43. Lela Cobb 6th grade
  44. David Ramos 6th grade
  45. Katherine Hassan 6th grade
  46. Ashyria Washington 6th grade
  47. Sarah Hogan 6th grade
  48. Tamia McCoy 6th grade
  49. Cortes Thornton 5th grade
  50. Jamarre Dillard 5th grade
  51. Keniya Bell-Proctor 5th grade
  52. Davion Grissett 5th grade
  53. Breonna Potts 5th grade


As our winners, Alex Haley Academy students will each receive a personalized copy of our winner’s certificate (pictured below), a “Stride Monumental Achiever” gold commemorative pin, and Stride sport backpack. Principal Pirtle and staff will receive a beautiful trophy for their school to display. Their winning entries are being highlighted on our Stride social media channels, so be sure to check them out on Twitter, Facebook, and InstagramCongratulations, Alex Haley Academy!


Share Your Dreams!

We want to highlight all of our contest participants for your hard work. Don’t forget to share your school’s dream boards on social media!

Use hashtags: #CollegeAndCareerReady #WeAreTheFuture #DreamBoard #Stride and be sure to tag us! You can find us on TwitterFacebook and Instagram.

StrideXchange is Here!

StrideXchange has recently been released to all of our current customers!  We are so excited to share this feature with you that will allow you to share content directly with your students and interact with them in a whole new way in Stride.

What is StrideXchange?

StrideXchange is a new way to curate valuable instructional resources created by yourself and other educators in your school or district.  StrideXchange allows you to share resources between teachers and deliver them to students directly via the Stride online learning system.

How do I use StrideXchange?

StrideXchange is fully integrated with your existing Stride account.  To get started, gather up your best instructional resources (PDFs, videos, images, and more), then visit the “StrideXchange” tab within your Stride teacher, admin, or district login.


What can I share with my students?

Using StrideXchange, you can share PDFs, videos, images, and other files, like Word, Excel, or PowerPoint documents.  These files will be sent directly to your students’ StrideXchange inboxes for immediate view.  You can also view stats on when your students viewed the content.


You can also create Custom Learning Modules (CLM) for your students.  CLMs allow you to create custom questions for your students to answer or custom slide shows that your students can view on their Stride account.


You can access a StrideXchange instructional guide within the Customer Support Gallery.  Please reach out to our support team at 866-552-9192 Ext. 2 or if you have any questions.

Utilizing Quiz Builder

Have you tried using Quiz Builder yet?  Here’s a guide on how to best implement this feature!

The Ease of Building Quizzes

Stride makes it easy to build quizzes for your students.  All you have to do is select the standards you’d like to test on and the number of questions per standard you’d like on the quiz.  You always have the option to view our bank of quiz questions and select the specific ones you’d like, too.  This flexibility makes Quiz Builder simple to use but also gives you autonomy within the program.

Quiz Builder 1


Quiz Options

Quizzes can be given during school hours or at home, online or in paper form.  You can choose to have students take a quiz during class using our proctoring options, or you can assign quizzes as homework by allowing the quiz to be taken outside of school hours.   Quizzes are also easily printed, so you can hand out a paper version of the test if the computer lab is unavailable.

Quiz Builder 2


Pre- and Post- Testing

Quiz Builder has a cloning option, which would allow you to give an identical quiz twice.  Reports compare the two quizzes, showing growth from the first quiz to the second.  Teachers can use this feature at the beginning and end of a learning module to measure understanding going into and coming out of the lessons.

More Instruction

You can always find more information about using Quiz Builder in our Customer Support Gallery!  You’ll find the password to access the gallery under Help & Advice within your login.

Stay Connected

Please stay connected with us through social media!  We always love seeing pictures of and hearing stories about your students.  Use #MonumentalAchiever and #Stride across all platforms!


New Stride Games!

Have your students tried out the new Stride games yet?  We’ve added three new games available for all grade levels!


As the numbers 1, 3 and 9 appear in the queue, decide where to place them next to matching numbers. Three in a row (or more) of a number will cause them to add up to a larger number! …1+1+1=3, 3+3+3=9, 9+9+9=27, and so on! As you play, learn to become more strategic about where you place numbers, so you can add up to larger numbers and boost your score!  Available for all grades.


Crowded Tower

Climb the Crowded Tower to the very top floor — but beware of dangerous obstacles and creepy things that go bump in the night! Tap 1 time for a short jump. Tap 2 times for a high jump. See how high you can  make it up the Crowded Tower! Available for all grades.

Crowded Tower


Catch the falling blocks before they hit the floor — but you must catch them with a diamond of the same color! Click and hold to move all of the the colored diamonds horizontally at the same time. Release to move them back to their starting places on the sidelines. How many falling blocks can you “catch” to rack up points and move to the next level? Available for all grades.

QuadLet us know what your students think of these new games!  Connect with us on social media!

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The Adventures of Captain Captivator


Last week at Model Schools, Captain Captivator made his debut.  The Captain is our ultimate #MonumentalAchiever and serves to represent those who make Monumental Achievements in education and the lives of others.

What does Captain Captivator mean to us?

The Captain is more than just a figurine.  He stands for quality growth.  Captain Captivator strives to always get better and to make a difference in the lives of others.  He’s a hero!

Educators are truly our heroes.  We know the sacrifices you make and the effort you put forth to make a difference in the lives of your students.  Thank you for all that you do!

Now for a contest…

We want to see how far Captain Captivator will travel this summer!  Print out the picture of the Captain (click the picture below), and snap a picture of him wherever you are. Post this picture to social media using #MonumentalAchiever, and be sure to include your location!

Captain Captivator with Logo

We’ll share our favorites, but a special winner will receive a $50 gift card to!  Entries will be accepted between July 8th through July 24th.  The winner will be announced on July 27th!

Here are the links to our social media accounts:

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A Team Effort at Brownsville ISD 21st CCLC

Brownsville ISD

In the Brownsville Independent School District, situated on the southernmost tip of Texas on the northern bank of the Rio Grande, students at nine 21st Century Community Learning Centers are using Stride Academy to reinforce skills being taught during the regular school day.

According to Mary J. Trevino, Project Director, “Individual student and class reports, based on current guided practice and progress monitoring, are used in conjunction with district timelines and benchmark data to differentiate and individualize instruction. The collaboration between the regular school day instruction and before- and after-school programming provides students with multiple opportunities to ensure student success.”

Kudos to the staff and students at these BISD sites for their hard work this year in Stride Academy!

BISD 21st programBenavides Elementary
Castaneda Elementary
Cromack Elementary
Garcia Middle School
Lucio Middle School
Perkins Middle School
Russell Elementary
Stillman Middle School
Villa Nueva Elementary


“Our School Growth Reports show that Stride Academy is a factor in school success. And, the success at each site is due to the commitment of each Site Coordinator and his/her staff. “ – JoAnn Marchan-Briones, Lead Teacher

Work First, Work to Earn, then Play!

Brownsville 21st CCLC teachers love the model of “work first, play later.” While every campus has their own unique strategies in place for Stride Academy, the Student Grouping Report is reviewed regularly, and then the Customized Instructional Resource pages are extended as whole-group or small-group “mini lessons” — or in some cases one-on-one instruction — which students must complete prior to logging into Stride Academy for “play time.”

982ec5cf5d81960cb646f355_303x338   3ed13c80e2c5de4a65648f33_296x340


Brownsville students, pictured above, love the thrill of earning coins, points and badges! They have experienced a definite boost in self-esteem, as they realize the effect of persistent practice on their grades and benchmarks.

“Our English Language Learners, who use the Language Settings Tool [for translations], and students requiring additional support are feeling more confident about their abilities and striving to do better all the time,” says Ms. Marchan-Briones.

“Hey! How Come You Have More Points?”

60a687211cba073b622d9b1f_280x259Sometimes your students’ competitiveness in Stride Academy can be downright amusing! And other times, you may find yourself smiling with warm satisfaction in knowing that even the smallest strides are huge victories for them. Of all the feedback we receive about Stride Academy, the most memorable are often the honest and candid comments you send in, overheard from the students themselves!

The Brownsville 21st CCLC program shared some of the thoughts that can be heard from their before- and after-school students on any given day when using Stride Academy:

     ”Hey!  How come you have more points than me?”

     ”I didn’t know I could use the word like that… but now I know!”

     ”I don’t feel dumb!”

     (To their parents): “Aww, man – Do I have to leave early?”

Send in your candid comments from students using Stride Academy!

LTS Heads to Capitol Hill

On Thursday, May 22, LTS Director of Strategic Partnerships, Wendy Weisbart, along with after school leaders from around the country, headed to Washington, D.C. for the Afterschool for All Challenge to encourage members of Congress to support the Afterschool for America’s Children Act.

After school programs are safe environments that provide supplemental learning for children with working families. These programs should be available to all children, but according to the Afterschool Alliance, 18 million children who would like to participate don’t have a program available in their community. The 21st Century Community Learning Center is currently the only federally funded source dedicated to after school programs. The 21st CCLC initiative supports before and after school, weekend, and summer school educational services that meet state and local standards in subjects like math and reading.

The Afterschool for America’s Children Act supports the 21st CCLC initiative and will enhance after school programs nationwide. Some benefits that will occur through the Afterschool for America’s Children Act are strengthening school-community partnerships, professional development for program staff, experiential learning for students, alignment with college- and career-readiness goals, increased parent engagement and competitive grant processes.

While on Capitol Hill, Weisbart was able to meet with Senator Harry Reid, Senator Dean Heller and Congressman Joe Heck. She was able to talk with them about LTS Education Systems and the importance of providing free quality after school programs to underprivileged youth.

DC - Senator Harry Reid   DC - Senator Harry Reid candid

Pictured above with Senator Harry Reid are: Mr. Ricky Gourrier, Executive Director, Nevada Afterschool Network; Wendy Weisbart, Director of Strategic Partnerships, LTS Education Systems; Ranna Daud, Executive Director, After School All Stars; Shannon Goodrick, Executive Director, Fallon Youth Club; Jenifer Lopez, Attorney General’s Office, Public Information Officer; RJ Lopez

DC - Senator Dean Heller

Pictured above with Senator Dean Heller are: Ricky Gourrier, Ranna Daud, Wendy Weisbart and Shannon Goodrick.

DC - Congressman Joe Heck

Pictured above with Congressman Joe Heck are: Ricky Gourrier, Ranna Daud, Wendy Weisbart and Shannon Goodrick.

DC - Lincoln Memorial Candid  DC- candid

DC - Capital Building

Ricky Gourrier, Ranna Daud, Wendy Weisbart and Shannon Goodrick pictured below as they enjoy the sites of Washington, D.C. at the United States Capitol and the Supreme Court of the United States.

20 Favorite Children’s Books

In honor of Children’s Book Week from May 12 – 18, 2014, we wanted to share some favorite children’s books from our childhood. While we have great memories reading these books and living vicariously through many of the characters, we hope that you will take time to find a good spot to curl up and read one of these great books this week as we celebrate Children’s Book Week! Happy Reading!

1. Where the Sidewalk Ends by Shel Silverstein

2. Little Women by Louisa May Alcott

3. The Boxcar Children by Gertrude Chandler Warren

4. The Nancy Drew Books by Carolyn Keene

5. The Hardy Boys Books by Franklin W. Dixon

6. Bridge to Terabithia by Katherine Paterson

7. Charlotte’s Web by E.B. White

8. The Watsons Go to Birmingham by Christopher Paul Curtis

9. The Little House on the Prairie Books by Laura Ingalls Wilder

10. Grimm’s Fairy Tales by Jacob Grimm and Wilhelm Grimm

11. The Ramona Series by Beverly Cleary

12. Are You There God? It’s Me Margaret. by Judy Blume

13. Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing by Judy Blume

14. The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett

15. A Little Princess by Frances Hodgson Burnett

16. Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak

17. The Monster at the End of This Book: Starring Lovable, Furry Old Grover by Jon Stone

18. Bud, Not Buddy by Christopher Paul Curtis

19. Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIHM by Robert C. O’Brien

20. Harriet the Spy by Louise Fitzhugh



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Guest Blogger Wendy Weisbart Talks About Her Attendance at The Beyond School Hours, Foundations INC Conference

In true style the Beyond School Hours, Foundations INC Conference was great!  Even the ice storm of 2014 didn’t stop them.  This conference is one of the best offered in the realm of Out of School Time Programming.  The entire Foundations team is always professional and extremely welcoming!!!

Take away #1- Working with positive individuals in the field of education truly impacts how our students perform. Quality programming and how that programming is being delivered is important.

This conference starts off with an opening welcome reception that sets a high standard. The reception provides everyone with networking opportunities, superb appetizers, live entertainment and a packed dance floor.  Foundations is known to have surprise guests pop in throughout the event- last year they left us all smiling with the wonderful appearance and wisdom of Maya Angelou and this year they left us all boogieing down with Chubby Checker.  He not only performed for us, but he got many statewide education administrators up on stage with him.  Way to go!!!!

When the keynote speaker was unable to attend due to the weather the Foundations group didn’t bat an eye.  We were honored to hear Kim Bearden.  As a lifelong educator and a representative of an educational company it is very refreshing to hear real stories about real people that are making positive differences in students’ lives daily.

Throughout the entire conference there were many powerful breakout sessions on a wide variety of topics from Common Core to STEM, Technology to School Day Connections and everything in between.  LTS Education/ STRIDE Academy was proudly mentioned in multiple sessions when quality programming was being discussed.

Take away #2- Stepping outside of your comfort box when it comes to new educational experiences is a must.  This will help address a variety of learning styles.

During the exhibitors breakout times it was nice to visit with the wide range of individuals that attend this conference.  Many stakeholders were in attendance from front line workers to superintendents.  I spoke with professionals from Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands to Ohio and Alaska.

Take away #3- It is very exciting to see how Out of School Time programming has and IS making a difference.

LTS is happy to be part of a group of professionals that put kids first and our always willing to grow.

One Day Away From the Weekend!

April 11th Post

Need a little boost of motivation to get you through this Friday? This story has us beyond inspired! Here’s the scoop—Rashad is an eager, imaginative fourth grader. At times, he is difficult to motivate for school. His school Principal says of him, “He shows up in my office for getting into things more than he should, but he is a great kid.” Like many of today’s students, he needs new and engaging learning activities to hold his interest.

The above was true of Rashad six months ago, but in this short period of time using Stride Academy, the number of words he reads per minute has gone from ninety-six to one hundred and thirty! Along with this, he’s improved by three grade levels in specific skills. Way to go Rashad!

Rashad and his peers are responding to digital game-based learning programs like Stride Academy to the extent that they are learning on their own time. 81% of Rashad’s time spent playing Stride Academy games takes place after school. He plays the games at home, his cousin’s house, and the public library- wherever he can log onto the Internet. Because it’s as much fun as playing a video game, Rashad wants to play as often as he can.

One of Rashad’s teachers, Amanda Johnson, says “Friendly competition among classmates is a motivator for my students. Rashad and his classmates all want first turn on the computers, so they can answer questions correctly and unlock game time to compete for the highest score.”

If you have a success story, we would love to hear from you! You can share your story now on our Facebook page at Happy Friday, everyone!