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Instant Stats Ticker & Class Live Monitor

Have you seen the new “Class Live Monitor” in your Stride account?  Check out this new feature to get instant stats on your students while they’re using Stride!

Instant Stats

Ticker 1

In your teacher portal, you can view the Realtime Stats ticker at the top of your Dashboard.  At a glance, you know how many students are logged in and on-task.  Click on “Realtime Stats” to dig deeper.

Class Live Monitor

Ticker 2

As you investigate further, you can view information regarding:
-Who is currently online/offline in Stride?
-How long have they been working in their current session?
-How many items have they answered?
-How many items have they answered correctly?
-When did they answer their last item, and how long have they been idle?
-What game did they play most recently?
-What subject are they working in?

Student Session Live Monitor

Ticker 4

Meanwhile, a new real-time ticker in the Stride student interface helps each student stay accountable and on-task! As they answer questions correctly or incorrectly, they will see their number and percentage correct automatically adjust. They can also begin to see correlation between their pace (questions per minute) and their percentage correct –- discouraging them from guessing.

Ticker 3

Be sure your teachers, staff and students are aware of these new instant progress monitoring tools, and send us some feedback on how YOU are utilizing the new Class Live Monitor in your classroom!

New Features on the Teacher Dashboard!

Check out the NEW Stride Academy Teacher Dashboard!

Stride Academy 2

While the work of a teacher is more complex as focus shifts from the class to the individual student, our New Teacher Dashboard has some exciting updates to continuously track student performance and incorporate personalized learning in the classroom.

This real-time dashboard allows you to quickly access needs and prescribe appropriate curriculum for your students. Here are a few highlights of these new features:

Class Performance

Easily view your students’ progress, above or below grade level, by looking at these bar graphs. Click on any section to drill down to student data.

*Don’t miss important notifications for your class posted at the top of your Teacher Dashboard.

Oct 2014 - Teacher Dashboard 1 - Edit

Students At-A-Glance: Adaptive Engine event indicators reveal problem points at a glance. Students are organized into three convenient groups – Students Potentially at Risk, Students on Pace and Students Thriving. Clicking on an individual student name links to individual student results.

Clicking on the View link for any student who is potentially at risk will lead you to a more detailed explanation of the issue.

Oct 2014 - Teacher Dashboard VIEW EDIT

Academic Badges: Academic badges are awarded when a student has, (a) answered at least 80% of the available questions in a skill category, and (b) scored at least 70% correct for all of their answers in the skill. This includes a student’s correct answer on the second attempt at a question.

Click View All Student Academic Badges to see a complete list by student.

Oct 2014 - Teacher Dashboard 3

Individual Student Performance by Subject

Clicking on any student’s name will lead you to the Individual Student Performance view revealing at-a-glance information for general performance by each subject.

Print this screen (or Save in PDF format). Use this real-time report of the student’s skill performance to plan differentiated instruction, targeted skills practice, and monitor progress on specific standards over time.

Oct 2014 - Sample Student Performance 1 - Edits

Student performance is organized by curriculum and broken down into standards to identify areas of need. Quickly assign available educational resources aligned to skills.

Oct 2014 - Sample Student Performance 2 - Edits

Oct 2014 - Sample Student Performance 3 - edits
Graphs show performance by both grade level difficulty and subject. Mouse over the graph to see percentages.

Red signifies less than 50% correct answers. Yellow signifies 50-70% correct answers. Green signifies 71-100% correct answers.

Oct 2014 - Sample Student Performance 4 - edits

Don’t Miss the New Teacher Dashboard Webinar!

Mark your calendars to join us Wednesday, Oct. 22 at 3:30pm CST for our New Teacher Dashboard Webinar hosted by Tamra Barron, LTS Director of Training. To register, click here and complete the form. You don’t want to miss out on learning about these new updates!

What’s New for Stride Academy? Teachers, take control of game play …..(and more)

We couldn’t be happier with the overwhelmingly positive feedback from our teachers and parents who are using Stride Academy this summer with their children!

We are always willing to listen to your ideas on how to make Stride Academy, or any of our programs, more effective for your students and more effective for you as educators and parents.

That’s why we’ve released new teacher controls for Stride Academy game settings, audio settings and dictionary/calculator settings!

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