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Stride Dream Board Contest Results

Thank you to all contest participants!

Last month, as students entered spring testing to check their progress toward college and career readiness, Stride™ launched a contest asking students to put their college and career dreams into pictures. Our “College and Career Ready Dream Board Contest” drew participation from across the country—and selecting one school winner was especially difficult in light of the many creative and inspirational entries we received!

Congratulations, Alex Haley Academy in Chicago!


Our winner has been selected from the Chicago Public School District, where Alex Haley Academy had 53 students participate from grades 5-8! Principal Sherry Pirtle coordinated the school’s entry and reported: “I really enjoyed reading all of the boards.The students and teachers enjoyed and learned a great deal from the process.This was truly a great project to engage in prior to Spring Break.”

Principal Pirtle also shared: “The day we posed for our Dream Board group photos, our Mayor [Rahm Emanuel] announced Learn, Plan, Succeed which is a new initiative that requires high school students to have a post-secondary plan, and this activity was a great jumpstart for our students.”

Alex Haley Academy has demonstrated exceptional usage of the Stride online learning program this school year, with 561 students having answered more than 1.1 million questions as of April 2017! They currently rank as the No. 10 school in the country for highest usage of Stride. Thank you, Principal Pirtle and teachers, for leading your school in Stride as well as in this project!
















We’d like to recognize the following Alex Haley Academy students for their participation:

  1. Simba Bryant 8th grade
  2. Charles Johnson 8th grade
  3. Tahria Holley 8th grade
  4. Ranisha Gray 8th grade
  5. Caschay Tate 8th grade
  6. Bianca Tuckenberry 8th grade
  7. Jala Shaw 8th grade
  8. Jalen Shaw 8th grade
  9. Destiny Wagner 8th grade
  10. Asia Smith 8th grade
  11. Chaniya Jemison 8th grade
  12. Zakiya Kellum 8th grade
  13. Kenzaris Polk 8th grade
  14. Steven Brooks 8th grade
  15. Laila Hudson 8th grade
  16. Breonna Hill 8th grade
  17. Micah Gilmore 8th grade
  18. Yugi Hoskin 8th grade
  19. Jamie McCoy 8th grade
  20. Marshay Richardson 8th grade
  21. Khayale Britten 8th grade
  22. Marlene Triplett 8th grade
  23. Mykila Harris 8th grade
  24. Anton Byers 8th grade
  25. Raheem Potts 8th grade
  26. Seneca O’Connor 8th grade
  27. Aalijah Fulton 7th grade
  28. Taylor Shields 7th grade
  29. Kausoundra Clemon 7th grade
  30. Martianna High 6th grade
  31. Sarah Hogan 6th grade
  32. Jaylen Waites 6th grade
  33. Lakefe Woolridge 6th grade
  34. Damia Baker 6th grade
  35. Jailen Randolph 6th grade
  36. Azariyah Pickens 6th grade
  37. Lorie Pennington 6th grade
  38. Makiya Robinson 6th grade
  39. Kaliah Ellis 6th grade
  40. Amber Harris 6th grade
  41. Antonio McDonald 6th grade
  42. Breanna McCrary 6th grade
  43. Lela Cobb 6th grade
  44. David Ramos 6th grade
  45. Katherine Hassan 6th grade
  46. Ashyria Washington 6th grade
  47. Sarah Hogan 6th grade
  48. Tamia McCoy 6th grade
  49. Cortes Thornton 5th grade
  50. Jamarre Dillard 5th grade
  51. Keniya Bell-Proctor 5th grade
  52. Davion Grissett 5th grade
  53. Breonna Potts 5th grade


As our winners, Alex Haley Academy students will each receive a personalized copy of our winner’s certificate (pictured below), a “Stride Monumental Achiever” gold commemorative pin, and Stride sport backpack. Principal Pirtle and staff will receive a beautiful trophy for their school to display. Their winning entries are being highlighted on our Stride social media channels, so be sure to check them out on Twitter, Facebook, and InstagramCongratulations, Alex Haley Academy!


Share Your Dreams!

We want to highlight all of our contest participants for your hard work. Don’t forget to share your school’s dream boards on social media!

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