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Continuous Assessment

One of the beautiful things about online learning technology is that testing does not have to wait until the middle or the end of the school year. With Stride Academy, you can continually check student mastery with steady feedback and insight via real-time data reports and dashboards. Skill gaps need not persist for weeks on end without being addressed!

Stride Academy continuously evaluates each student in order to design a customized learning plan of foundational skill-building and enrichment that is truly beneficial to their growth. Armed with perpetual data about each student's performance, you can easily assign targeted practice and video instruction in Stride Academy or allow the F.A.S.T. 360 Adaptive Engine to automatically chart a personalized online learning course. Meanwhile, you can also modify your own classroom instruction according to your students' needs.

Dashboards show up-to-the minute performance statistics for your overall class:


And even drill deeper to check for individual mastery or non-mastery:

Stride Academy Technology-Based Assessment Offerings

Whether students are working in the program on F.A.S.T. 360 Adaptive Mode, curriculum assigned by their instructor, or one of our technology-based assessment offerings, Stride Academy is continuously populating student performance data to teacher dashboards and printable data reports to keep you informed. Continue reading about our assessment offerings designed by content and assessment experts:

Diagnostic "Gap" Assessments

Stride Academy Gap Assessments diagnose skill gaps and provide targeted skills practice and instruction for immediate remediation. For each subject and grade level, two parallel Gap tests serve as a pre-test and post-test to measure growth on specific standards and skill sets between the beginning and end of a school year or summer program.

Formative Progress Monitoring Assessments

Stride Academy Progress Monitoring Assessments include four, parallel formative online test forms per grade level, designed for administration periodically throughout the school year to continuously monitor student growth on required standards and skills. Like Gap Assessments, "PMAs" also provide targeted remediation following completion of each test.

Automated Quiz Builder

Stride Academy's custom Quiz Builder allows educators to create their own unit quizzes or interim assessments by selecting standards-aligned questions from our comprehensive database. Deploy quizzes to individual students, an entire class or school-wide. Share quizzes with fellow teachers and enjoy automatic scoring of results in real-time!

Build custom quizzes for test prep or extra credit work.  Instant score reports save you valuable teaching time:

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