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Individualized Intervention.

Every school year, you welcome hundreds of new students to class -- not knowing what they can do! School records (often late to arrive) can tell you if they passed the state test last year, but they cannot help you get down to the nitty gritty of diagnosing particular strengths and weaknesses.

Get the data you need to prescribe individualized intervention, from the first weeks of school.

Realizing that many of your students will perform below grade level -- some significantly behind -- you need the right tools to help you investigate those concerning skill gaps and begin remediating them immediately, to get your class on track fast.

Immediately identify individual student weaknesses using Stride Academy assessment:


Grouping reports can be used as a guide for small-group interventions:


With Stride Academy Online Assessments:

1. Quickly identify mastery or non-mastery of specific skills

2. Group students for optimal instructional impact

3. Prescribe individualized online learning plans in one click by activating the F.A.S.T. 360 Adaptive Engine

The F.A.S.T. 360 Adaptive Engine:

A complex algorithm that analyzes each student's performance and dynamically assigns foundational skills practice where necessary, to promote mastery. The result is an individualized online learning path automatically designed for every student. Read more

Jenny Smith's individualized learning path in Stride Academy scaffolds down to prerequisite skills where she can be successful, before she can gradually work back up toward grade-level.

Student Progress Reports drill deep to check mastery and monitor individual progress

LTS recommends that students accessing Stride Academy on the Individualized Intervention track commit to spending 30-minutes daily engaged in the online program.


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