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Stride Engine sees each child as an individual.

The Stride Adaptive Engine scaffolds curriculum up and down automatically

to individualize learning and provide skills remediation and enrichment.

"It discretely allows students to work at different levels. In the era of high stakes testing and accountability, there is no time to waste. The Adaptive Technology ensures that “time on task” is well-spent engaging students to learn."

-Dr. Shannon L. Brandt 4th Grade Teacher, Auburn, AL

Every class & every child at your fingertips.

The new administration system is powerful and easy to use.


The Adaptive Engine

How does the Stride Academy Adaptive Engine stand out from other programs? Because ours remediates only the skill that a student has not yet mastered – not the entire strand to which that skill belongs. This saves valuable learning time for students, ensuring that they are focusing on the areas where they are struggling most, not relearning skills in areas where they are already proficient.


PreK-High School Curriculum

Our personalized learning paths begin in early education and support student success through high school. Our vast database of questions, problems, rationales, reading passages, video lessons and printable study guides are built by expert educators to deliver grade-level appropriate content and end of course content aligned with the rigor of the Common Core and individual state standards.


Automated Reporting

Flexible, on-demand reporting enables you to view exactly the data you need to continuously monitor progress, inform instructional decisions and provide accountability. Generate data in a variety of formats in real-time. Automatically email usage reports, diagnostic reports, student grouping reports and assessment reports at multiple levels: individual student, class-wide, school/site-wide, and district-wide.


A Multimedia Toolkit

Stride Academy students experience personalized learning through a multimedia toolkit of resources targeted to their individual needs – including adaptive skills practice questions, instructional video lessons and printable, offline study guide pages selected especially for them. These resources are embedded in the program, so students are literally a click away from accessing the help they need in that moment.


Aligned To Common Core

As more schools shift to the Common Core standards and assessments, students must prepare for more rigorous coursework and more rigorous assessments. Stride Academy supports this transition with math and reading curriculum that are appropriately complex at each grade level, in alignment with the CCSS. The adaptive nature of Stride Academy helps students gradually build foundational skills across grade levels, ultimately priming them for College & Career Readiness.


Aligned To TEKS / STAAR

Stride Academy builds foundational skills and accelerates learning with curriculum written specifically for Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills assessed on STAAR. Stride Academy automatically delivers differentiated instruction, in alignment with TEKS and STAAR, to ensure that every student stays on task working toward individual academic goals. Targeted remediation and enrichment in Stride Academy help shape students for success in both college and careers, so they can be knowledgeable, competent and confident in their futures.


Let Your Data Drive

Educators today are expected to make instructional decisions for students based on data. Typically, these data come from formative and summative assessments. The dilemma is that while these assessments produce scores, they don’t translate into action. We have a solution: Let your assessment data drive our Adaptive Engine. Import your scores to place students exactly where they need to be in the program and map their personal learning paths moving forward.





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