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It’s easy with Stride Player:

Simple. Secure. Superb.

The dedicated application experience that takes the guesswork out of deployment, usability and security at your facility. The installer puts Stride Academy directly on your desktops as a native application that connects securely to our cloud, so your students can Stride ahead without having access to the rest of the web.

"Educators and IT administrators told us they wanted a dedicated & secure solution for deploying our product to advanced local networks.  We listened.  The result is our new Stride Player, which radically simplifies the process of using our cloud-based application where security and control is important ."

Ernie Gray- CTO
LTS Education Systems


Download The Player

Stride Player is currently available for Windows XP and later versions of Windows up to 8.1. Download the zip file, unzip the contents and run the installer.  Or alternately, download the .exe installer directly. The installer will walk you through the process. If you need to configure a proxy server on your network, consult the how-to guide.

Windows network administrators can also deploy our MSI version using group policy.


How-To Guide

Download the guide to learn how to deploy Stride Player to your network.  Your network administrator will need to allow Stride Player to connect to our cloud resources through your network firewall. 

Stride Player does not have the ability to access any other web based resources except our server, so it is 100% safe for high security situations.


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